1. How are Infrastructure Taxes calculated for Municipal and vilage areas in Goa ?

     Infrastructure Tax, Goa would be divided now into three categories:

     (A) Coastal Panchayat areas and five major towns of Panaji, Mapusa, Ponda, Vasco and Margao;

    (B) Census Towns and Village Panchayats adjoining these five major towns as well as other Municipal areas;

     (C) Other Village Panchayat areas.

    The Infrastructure Tax for residential zones or residential developments will be Rs 200 per sq mt in all the three categories.

    The taxes for Commercial zones and commercial developments however would be different for all the three categories.

    (A) category: Rs 850 per sq mt 

    (B) Category: Rs 600 

     (C) Category:  Rs 500

    The Infrastructure Tax for Industrial developments will however remain Rs 250 Buildings of agricultural and allied services would be charged Rs 50 per sq mt - 25 per cent of the residential type.

    Buildings of agro-based industries and agro-related tourism would be charged Rs 175 - half of the industrial types.

    Similarly, buildings of recreation, entertainment and even Go Karting etc would be charged half of commercial type – Rs 250 per sq mt.

    Commercial structures like Mobile Towers would be charged between Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000, depending on which area category they fall in.

    All other buildings,  would be charged at Rs 200 per sq mt.

    The method of assessment of Infrastructure Tax shall be based on total built up area including stilts and basements.per sq mt in all the three categories

  2. How can I make my Real Estate Holdings in Goa more Liquid/ Easy to Sell? Can your company help us in this matter?

    It is not enough to have in your possession, a Deed of Sale / Conveyance in your possession  to Sell your property easily.

     In order that you're fully prepared to actually execute an informed sale with a distinguished buyer and get better Price Realization, you will need several other documents in addition to your title document so as to minimize the due diligence process and time to completion.

     AKA can help you in achieving the objective of compiling / applying and obtaining the below cited documents  to complete your documentation required for a professional approach to sell your property.

    These include

    ·         Deeds of Sale / Conveyance both current and old (previous owner’s title)

    ·         Mutation / Entry of your / sellers name into the form I & XIV of the Record of rights

    ·         Land Survey Plan of your property

    ·         Zoning Certificate  

    ·         Conversion Sanad

    ·         Construction license if structure is built as an approved building by the TCP office

    ·         Occupancy certificate

    ·         Inscription Description certificate

    ·         Land Revenue / Matriz Certificate

    ·         Latest House Tax Receipt

    ·         Approved Building Plans

    ·         Certificate of Nil Encumbrance

    ·         Legal opinion

    ·         Latest Electricity bill

    ·         Latest Water Bill 

  3. What is meant by the Form I & XIV of Record Of Rights for properties authorised by the Government of Goa?

    Form I & XIV of Record of Rights is a Government Document available on application to the Panchayat / Mahiti Ghar which indicates the name of the owner of the land, the measured area, classification of land whether it is dry crop, paddy field or barren and also whether it is tenanted or freehold and  whether there are other rights as Mundkarial holdings etc.

  4. What is meant by survey plan? Where can I apply for it?

    A Survey Plan is a Government of Goa Authorized Plan indicating the boundaries of the property, its identification by way of a specific Survey Number, the Village jurisdiction it falls under and the scale to which the plan is drawn which enables one to measure each side of the boundaries as also understand the shape and features of the plot. The Survey plan can be applied for at the Local Land Survey Office by paying the requisite fees for the relevant Survey Number for which the plan is requested for.

  5. I own a property in Goa. What services do you provide to turn my property sellable/ Developable?

    On your getting in touch with us , we will initially require some basic information about your property such as the Village / city it is located in, Survey Numbers , how you got to own it etc. With the mostly limited information you have provided us , we then check the status of the land both physical and as per Government records and compile all relevant data , measure / survey the property , analyse collected data , recommend measures for the various shortcomings if detected , execute the necessary balance works , conclude the assignment and document the property fully it to turn it investment / development grade for owners , potential Buyers and Investors.

  6. What are the various approvals / licenses required for construction of building /house in Goa?

    In Municipal Areas

    1. Development Order from the Planning and Development Authority
    2. Construction License / Permission from Municipal Council / Corporation
    3. Conversion Sanad

    In Panchayat / Village Areas

    1. Construction License from office of the Sarpanch / Village Panchayat
    2. Conversion Sanad

  7. I intend to purchase a property / plot to construct a house/ building on it. What are the steps one has to take in order to ensure a safe investment?

    First of all One needs to obtain an Authorized Survey Plan for the subject property and confirm the zoning for the land by making an application to the Town & Country Planning department / PDA, compare & verify onsite dimensions / Area of the plot with the Survey plan. A legal scrutiny of Titles of the property I.e. the chronology of historical transaction for the property through a reputed Advocate is necessary to confirm whether the seller / s have the full right to sell / receive Consideration / money for the property transaction.

  8. What is ‘Conversion Sanad’ & `Change of Land Use' ? Does AKA provides services for obtaining Conversion Sanad?

    ‘Conversion Sanad' is a document issued by the Office of the Collectorate Certifying that Non-Agricultural usage of the land has been permitted on the subject plot of land. This document is obtained after making an application to the Office of the Collectorate for the respective Taluka.

     Conversion  Sanad is  granted for land areas more than 500 sq metres by the office of the Collector.
    For Plots with Area less than 500 sq. metres the Conversion Sanad is issued by the office of the Dy. Collector.

    ‘Change of Land use' is a term related to zoning clasification authorised by the office of Chief Town Planner / Member Secretary, Town & Country Planning Board under the Regional Plan / Outline development plan in force. Change in land Use is related to revisions in Zoning classification effected in the Regional plan authorized by Goa TCP Board.

    AKA will make an application with relevant Forms , plans and documents required for submission for grant of Conversions Sanad subject to condition that the property is zoned as Commercial / residential in the respective Regional Plam / ODP.

    Our  professional Fees will be communicated on inspection of documents and status of property. 

  9. What are the Official Schedule of Fees for Grant of Conversion Sanad in Goa?


    Sr no. Category 500 Sq m & less Above 500-2000 sq m Above 2000 sq m
    1.           S1 Rs 60 Rs 90 Rs 120
    2. S2 Rs 45 Rs 67.50 Rs 90
    3. S3 Rs 35 Rs 52.50 Rs 70
    4. S4 Rs 25 Rs 37.50 Rs 50
    1.           C1 Rs 250 Rs 375 Rs 500
    2. C2 Rs 200 Rs 300 Rs 400
    3. C3 Rs 150 Rs 225 Rs 300
    4. C4 Rs 100 Rs 150 Rs 200
    1.             Rs 50 Rs 75 Rs 150

  10. We own ancestral land in Goa for the last several decades. However we do not know how to develop/ sell the property as the land is under joint ownership of several family members & many of us live abroad. How can AKA help us?

    This is a typical problem of many Goan families , members of which have migrated to other parts of the world and have busy schedules due to which they are not able to jointly devote time nor complete the necessary paperwork/ govt. approvals in Goa to turn the property investment / development grade. AKA can help such typical cases by, presenting the owners with a Plan of Action to mitigate the problems of joint ownership & the guiding the owners in a professional manner with matters related to Approvals/Partition / sale /development etc , representing them before Govt authorities to obtain approvals / Licenses etc. to render the property investment / development grade for owners , potential Buyers and Investors.

  11. How do I sub-divide my land into plots and what are the permissions I need to obtain from government of Goa?

    In order to Subdivide your land into smaller plots, you need to confirm that the zoning for the subject property is classified under Residential / Commercial zone. A well planned layout of smaller plots with network of internal roads, drainage and water supply are to be drawn indicating plot number, individual plot dimensions and Area , width of road proposed, Overall dimensions of the entire property, Area reserved for open space, Road Widening etc. A Contour plan indicating gradient of the property is required to be submitted with the aplication ,to the relevant Taluka Town & Country Planning Office. On obtaining Technical clearance from Town & Country Planning office, the aplication is submitted to the relevant Village Panchayat which then issues a Provisional license for the sub division of land. With this Provisional license, the owner is entitled to commence executing approved development works such as internal roads, water supply, electricity and drainage networks. On completion of all the works as per the village Panchayat sanction/ order an application is to be made to the Panchayat for the Final sub division approval confirming that the development has been carried out in accordance with the approved Sub division plan. The Panchayat after inspection & approval by the Town & Planning department issues the Final sub division License after which the owner is entitled to enter into Conveyance of Sale for individual sub divided plots with prospective purchasers

  12. How is CRZ applicable for the Goan coastline and its riverside lands?

    CRZ is also known as Coastal Regulatory Zone .
    CRZ has been classified into three Categories CRZ I, CRZ II & CRZ III
    CRZ - I are ecologically sensitive areas having ancient monuments, turtle nesting etc, Between 0-500 metres no development is permissible
    CRZ - II these are areas which are densely populated urban areas where building will be permitted only on the landward side of an existing road or an authorized construction.. ii. 200-500mtrs. from HTL Regulated development is permissible having 33% FAR (Floor Area Ratio), height restriction of 9 metres from ground level and the buildings to have ground plus one floor only.
    Along the banks of rivers – no development is permissible in a belt of 0 – 100 metres from HTL, or the width of the river whichever is less

  13. How does one make an application for Partition of land holdings located in Goa?

    1. A co-holder of land or a decree holder should make an application for partition of land with the Taluka Collector office under section 61 of Land Revenue Code annexing the documents listed as under in triplicate :-
      i) Form I and XIV including the name of the Applicant.
      ii) Ownership document. ( Deed of Sale / Conveyance)
      iii) Land Survey Plan
      iv) Detailed Plan delineating the area to partitioned
    2. The Collectror’s office ,On receipt of application for partition will issue notices to other co-owners on the Form I & XIV fixing a date for hearing .
    3. On the date of hearing if no objections are received, preliminary orders will be issued by the Collector to the to visit the property , make a survey of relevant holdings , prepare plans of partition & submit report for confirmation.
    4. On receipt of plans from the Inspector of Survey and Land Records the partition of holdings will be preliminarily confirmed and an order to that effect will be issued Allotting of new sub division Number for the subject land .
    5. After due confirmation of the report on partition, Final orders are issued to the concerned Mamlatdar and Talathi who will correct / update survey records in within 15 days of the Order on the Form I and XIV of the subject property .

  14. What does Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) mean? What are the areas that come under CRZ?

    The entire CRZ of the country is classified into different zones: CRZ -I, II, III and IV.
    CRZ - I(i)
    areas are those that are ecologically sensitive areas (including marine parks, national parks, sanctuaries, mangrove areas, wildlife habitats, heritage areas, historically important areas, areas likely to be inundated by global warming etc.
    CRZ -I(ii)
    areas refers to the inter-tidal zone lying between the LTL and the HTL.
    CRZ -II
    areas are those that are already developed close to or up to the shoreline (this is with reference to the geological features as of 1991). These "developed areas" are only those within municipal limits or in other legally designated urban areas which are already substantially built up and which have been provided with drainage, approach roads and other infrastructural facilities, such as water supply and sewerage mains.
    CRZ - III
    areas are those which are relatively undisturbed and which do not belong to either Category-I or II. These include the coastal zone in rural areas (developed and undeveloped) and also areas within municipal limits or in other legally designated urban areas, which are not substantially built up. By definition then, all rural areas are classified as CRZ - III and some urban areas could also be included in this category.
    CRZ -IV
    are coastal stretches in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  15. What are the Development / Construction Activities Permissible In Land Area Between 200mts To 500mts of HTL?

    The following activities shall be permissible in the above areas;
    (i) Development of vacant plot in designated areas for construction of hotels or beach resorts for tourists or visitors subject to the conditions as specified in the guidelines at Annexure-III ;
    (ii) reconstruction or alteration of existing authorised building

  16. Who are some of the large business entities / industries/ multinational companies operating in Goa ?

    • Automobile Corporation of Goa Ltd.
    • Aventis Pharma Ltd.
    • Bharti Duraline Ltd.
    • Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd.
    • CG-PPI Adhesive Products Ltd.
    • Cosme Mathias Menezes Group
    • Chowgule and Co. Ltd.
    • Cipla Ltd.
    • Crompton Greaves Ltd.
    • Dempo Group of Companies
    • D-Link (India) Ltd.
    • Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.
    • E-Merck India Ltd.
    • Finolex Cables Ltd.
    • Funskool India Ltd.
    • German Remedies Ltd.
    • Goa Carbon Ltd.
    • Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.
    • Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages P. Ltd.
    • Hindustan Lever Ltd.
    • International Business Machines (IBM)
    • IFB Industries Ltd.
    • Intergold India Ltd.
    • Knoll Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    • Kodak India Ltd.
    • Lumena Home products Pvt. Ltd.
    • Meta Strips Ltd.
    • MRF Ltd.
    • Nestle India Ltd.
    • Optic Fibre Goa Ltd.
    • Phillips India Ltd.
    • Phil Corporation Ltd.
    • Procter and Gamble India Ltd.
    • Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.
    • Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    • Sesa Goa Ltd.
    • Siemens India Ltd.
    • Syngenta Ltd.
    • Tata Infotech Ltd.
    • Titan Time Products Ltd.
    • V.M. Salgaocar and Company Ltd.
    • Vicco Laboratories Pvt Ltd.
    • Wyeth Lederle Ltd.
    • Zenith Computers Ltd.
    • Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd

  17. What is the scope of services you provide for Hotel and Hospitality Industry in Goa?

    Consulting, Valuation And Appraisal

     Project Conceptualization & Preparation of Business Plan

    Techno-Economic Viability Report

    Project Report

    Term and Working Capital Loan Application

    Architectural & Engineering Services

    Master Planning

    Facility Design

    Structural Design

    Services Planning

    System Design for Supply & Distribution

    STP and plumbing

    Water-Treatment Plant, Storage, Hot Water Boiler


    Power- Sub- Station, H.T Line, L.T. Line, Transformer

    Kitchen & Laundry

    Communication System-, Public Address System, WiFi - Internet

    Entertainment - Music, Sound System, Digital Display,   Smart Television


    Project Management

    Site Supervision

    Co-ordination with Various Agencies

    Project Accounts & Budget Monitoring

    Time Schedules Monitoring

    Certification of Payments

    Risk Management

    Insurance Consulting

    Insurance Premiums

    Overall Cost Of Risk. 

  18. What approvals are to be taken with the Goa State Pollution Control Board to set up a unit ? Do you provide related services?

    a. Consent to Establish 
    b. Consent to Operate 
    c. Renewal of consent / Amendment in existing GPCB consent
    d. Change / Transfer of Company name
    We have expertise in obtaining Consent to Establish, operate Renewal.  Our work will comprise Preparation of Application with the GPSCB for Consent in prescribed form, Submission of application for consent to operate and consent for establishment, preparation of Test reports including Follow  up with Pollution control board to obtain consent.

  19. What is meant by NDZ and its implications on Construction Activity?

    A. AREA UPTO 200MTS FROM HTL on the landward side in case of seafront and 100mts along tidal influenced water bodies or width of the creek whichever is less is to be earmarked as "No Development Zone (NDZ)",-
    (ii) No construction shall be permitted within NDZ except for repairs or reconstruction of existing authorized structure not exceeding existing Floor Space Index, existing plinth area and existing density and for permissible activities under the notification including facilities essential or activities;
    (iii) however, the following activities may be permitted in NDZ -
    (a) agriculture, horticulture, gardens, pasture, parks, play field, and forestry;
    (j) construction of dispensaries, schools, public rain shelter, community toilets,
    bridges, roads, provision of facilities for water supply, drainage, sewerage,
    crematoria, cemeteries and electric sub-station which are required for the local
    inhabitants may be permitted on a case to case basis by CZMA;
    (k) construction of units or auxiliary thereto for domestic sewage, treatment and disposal with the prior approval of the concerned Pollution Control Board or Committee;

  20. What are the guidelines for Development of Beach Resorts in CRZ III areas?

    Guidelines for Development of Beach Resorts/Hotels in the designated areas of CRZ-III for Temporary Occupation of Tourist/Visitors, with Prior approval of the Ministry of Environment & Forests.

    (i) Construction of beach resorts/hotels with prior approval of MEF in the designated areas of CRZ-III for temporary occupation of tourists/ visitors shall be subject to the following conditions:

    (ii) The project proponents shall not undertake any construction within 200 meters in the land ward side from the High Tide Line and within the area between the Low Tide and High Tide Lines;

    (ia) Live fencing and barbed wire fencing with vegetative cover may be allowed around private properties subject to the condition that such fencing shall in no way hamper public access to the beach;

    (ib) no flattening of sand dunes shall be carried out;

    (ic) no permanent structures for sports facilities shall be permitted except construction of goal posts, net posts and lamp posts;

    (id) construction of basement may be allowed subject to the condition that no objection certificate is obtained from the State Ground Water Authority to the effect that such construction will not adversely affect free flow of ground water in that area. The State Ground Water Authority shall take into consideration the guidelines issued by the Central Government before granting such no objection certificate.

    Though no construction is allowed in the no development zone for the purpose of calculation of FSI. The area of entire plot including the portion which falls within the no development zone shall be taken into account.

    (i) The total plot size shall not be less than 0.4 hectares and the total covered area on all floors shall not exceed 33 per cent of the plot size i.e the FSI shall not exceed 0.33. The open area shall suitably landscaped within appropriate vegetal cover;

    (ii) The construction shall be consistent with the surrounding landscape and local architectural style;

    (iii) The overall height of construction up to highest ridge of the roof, shall not exceed 9 meters and the construction shall not be more 2 floors(ground floor plus one upper floor);

  21. What is meant by Interior Design? How does AKA charge for these services?

    Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of a space or building, to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user. An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates and manage such projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.

    Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment for the betterment of human functionality.

    AKA charges professional fees  as a %age of the Estimated Cost of works decided and agreed before commencement of assignment.  AKA also  work as a Turnkey Agency to execute the work on the plans prepared. 

  22. How can I get Approvals for an Ecoturism Project in Goa ?

    An Applicant who desires to set up any Eco Tourism activity permitted in  in Eco Sensitive Zones shall not be required to obtain any Conversion Of Land, or any Change Of Zoning or change of land use or any change of land either under this Act or any other maps or plans finalized there under, or Regulations or the Goa Land Revenue Code, 1968: Provided that such project or Eco Tourism Activity can be set up to an extent of 5% of the Total Area and that the Minimum Area required is not less than 20,000 sq. metres: Provided further that persons desirous of setting up of any such Eco Tourism Activities shall be required to obtain prior approval of the State Level Eco Sensitive Zone Monitoring Committee, but shall not require any Land Use, or Conversion Sanad or change of Zoning or Area Conversion.”. 

  23. What is an Appraisal / Valuation of property?

    When you hire a Valuer/ Appraiser, you are hiring a dedicated professional that will work for you. Your appraiser will provide an objective estimate or opinion of value of the described property, as supported by the presentation of relevant data analysis.
    You will be provided with an appraisal / Valuation report, as permitted under the Standards of Valuation in India. Each report contains information relevant to independent property valuation, including the purpose of the appraisal, other qualifying conditions, neighbourhood condition, property identification, data analysis, the value estimate and the effective date of the appraisal. All reports are also signed and certified and may contain support material, such as maps, charts, or photographs.
    All reports will demonstrate either one or more of the three data-processing methods used to arrive at an indication of value:
    The Cost Approach estimates the cost of building new property identical to the subject being appraised, at current prices, subtracting accumulated depreciation and adding the estimated land value.
    The Income Approach is used for income-producing property and is based on the theory that value is the present worth of the income stream the property is capable of producing when developed to its fullest use. The net operating income from the property is capitalized into value by an appropriate method and rate.
    The Direct Comparison Approach is based on the theory that an informed purchaser would pay no more for the property than the cost of acquiring another existing equivalent property. The value estimate is based on the selling price of comparable properties.

  24. What are the Guidelines For Development Of Beach Resorts Or Hotels In CRZ-III and CRZ-II For Occupation Of Tourist Or Visitors With Prior Approval Of The Ministry Of Environment And Forests ?

    I. Construction of beach resorts or hotels with prior approval of MoEF in designated areas of CRZ-II
    and III for occupation of tourist or visitors shall be subject to the following conditions, namely:-
    (a) The project proponent shall not undertake any construction within 200 metres in the landward
    side of High Tide Line and within the area between Low Tide Line and High Tide Line;
    (b) The proposed constructions shall be beyond the hazard line or 200mts from the High Tide Line
    whichever is more;
    (c) live fencing and barbed wire fencing with vegetative cover may be allowed around private properties subject to the condition that such fencing shall in no way hamper public access to the beach;
    (d) no flattening of sand dunes shall be carried out;
    (e) no permanent structures for sports facilities shall be permitted except construction of goal posts,
    net posts and lamp posts;
    (f) Construction of basement may be allowed subject to the condition that no objection certification
    is obtained from the State Ground Water Authority to the effect that such construction will not
    adversely affect fee flow of groundwater in that area;
    (g) the State Ground Water Authority shall take into consideration the guidelines issued by Central
    Government before granting such no objection certificate;
    (h) though no construction is allowed in the no development zone for the purposes of calculation of
    Floor Space Index, the area of entire plot including the portion which falls within the no development zone shall be taken into account;
    (i) the total plot size shall not be less than 0.4 hectares and the total covered area on all floors shall not exceed 33 percent of the plot size i.e., the Floor Space Index shall not exceed 0.33 and the open area shall be suitably landscaped with appropriate vegetal cover;
    (j) the construction shall be consistent with the surrounding landscape and local architectural style;
    (k) the overall height of construction upto the highest ridge of the roof, shall not exceed 9metres and
    the construction shall not be more than two floors (ground floor plus one upper floor);
    (l) groundwater shall not be tapped within 200metre of the High Tide Line; within the 200metre
    500metre zone it can be tapped only with the concurrence of the Central or State Ground Water
    (m)extraction of sand, levelling or digging of sandy stretches except for structural foundation of
    building, swimming pool shall not be permitted within 500metres of the High Tide Line;
    (n) the quality of treated effluents, solid wastes, emissions and noise levels and the like, from the
    project area must conform to the standards laid down by the competent authorities including the
    Central or State Pollution Control Board and under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986;
    (o) necessary arrangements for the treatment of the effluents and solid wastes must be made and it
    must be ensured that the untreated effluents and solid wastes are not discharged into the water or
    on the beach; and no effluent or solid waste shall be discharged on the beach;
    (p) to allow public access to the beach, at least a gap of 20metres width shall be provided between any
    two hotels or beach resorts; and in no case shall gaps be less than 500metres apart; and
    (q) if the project involves diversion of forestland for non-forest purposes, clearance as required under
    the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 shall be obtained and the requirements of other Central and
    State laws as applicable to the project shall be met with; and
    (r) approval of the State or Union territory Tourism Department shall be obtained.
    II. In ecologically sensitive areas (such as marine parks, mangroves, coral reefs, breeding and spawning grounds of fish, wildlife habitats and such other area as may be notified by the Central or State Government Union territories) construction of beach resorts or hotels shall not be permitted

  25. What are AKA charges for Professional Consulting Services to NRI’s and Overseas Customers who prefer hourly billing?

    Our hourly charges for professional Consulting services are 120$/ hr for one to one consultation with Mr. Anand Kulkarni & 30$ /hr for consulting work delegated to his office Associates.

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